Team Lemonade Racing is the brain child of
David Hodgdon who without his vision, enthusiasm and support
there would be no Lemonade Race Team.

David became aware of "24 Hours of Lemons" by chance
But it was not by chance that he decided to form a team to enter the race.

In the spirit of comradry, friendship and business David called upon all his friends, business associates and family to enlist Team Lemonade members.

One of the first to jump on board with the team was Nate Burns.  Nate came to the team with enthusiasum and excitement and became the team leader.

Soon there after the team started to develop with the membership of Mark, Greg Hodgdon, Alex Hodgdon, Jesse R. and Lindsay H.


Kobie H.

Kelsey H.

Karen H.

Angie B.


Sue H.